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Our assignment

Process 2 IT developed a website for hosebun-europe.com. The website must be able to provide professionals with fast and clear information about the variations of hosebun products. The site must be friendly on both PC and telephone to visit. The position in Google is also important.


Hosebun seo

What did we deliver?


What is a HOSEBUN™ ?

HOSEBUN™ – a patented urethane hose saddledesigned to properly suspend hose.

The HOSEBUN™ is, by far, the foremost method to suspend hose in a permanent or temporary, semi-rigid position. How many times have you seen hose being hoisted temporarily, ineffectively, or unsafely? HOSEBUN™ products offer efficient, effective, and safe hose suspension designed for your unique needs. Even wide body slings do not provide the protection your hose requires. The HOSEBUN™ is a one-time purchase; the cradle itself doesn’t wear out.

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